2nd European Lean Educators Conference

Welcome to the 2nd European Lean Educators Conference!

The European Lean Educator Conference 2015 provides a platform for trainers, coaches, professors and teachers from industry, academia and government organizations to share their knowledge and experiences and learn from one another.

The European Lean Educator Conference is dedicated to fostering exchange within academia as well as between education and industry, which we believe is especially important. Toward that end, we are targeting an audience that is 50 percent educators and 50 percent Lean teaching and coaching specialists from industry.

All participants will take home practical lessons-learned from one another. After many successful Lean Educator Conferences in the United States, the European conference is now in its second year and will this time take place in Södertalje, close to Stockholm. Keynote speakers, coaches and Lean implementers of leading organizations and companies will share their experience and knowledge.

Through innovative educational approaches – ranging from simulations, case studies, learning factories and new training methods – participants will receive new ideas for teaching, practicing and coaching continuous improvement.

We welcome you to Södertälje in September!

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